The ATTENTION ASSIST® Mercedes-Benz Feature

Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist


Cincinnati drivers have come to expect the latest technology in their Mercedes-Benz automobiles. The ATTENTION ASSIST® Mercedes-Benz feature delivers on that expectation. What is Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST®? It’s an advanced safety feature that, frankly, every automobile should have. It analyzes the driver to detect drowsiness and alerts the driver to take a break if drowsiness is detected. Let’s take a closer look at this system, especially the Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST® Take a Break feature.

What is Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST®?

So, what is Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST®? The ATTENTION ASSIST® Mercedes-Benz feature does a lot to keep you safe while travelling our Blue Ash roads, especially if you have to travel those roads late at night. Here are some of the things the feature does:

  • ATTENTION ASSIST® uses over 70 parameters to analyze your style of driving within the first few minutes of a trip.
  • ATTENTION ASSIST® identifies drowsiness and fatigue by evaluating steering corrections.
  • ATTENTION ASSIST® takes into account external factors, including road conditions, crosswinds, and your interaction with vehicle controls.

Mercedes-Benz Assist Take a Break

What if the system senses the driver is drowsy? That’s where Mercedes-Benz Assist Take a Break comes in. Should the system identify a sequence of events that indicate the driver is drowsy, it will encourage the driver to take a break by showing a coffee cup signal in the dash and by an audible tone.

Models with the ATTENTION ASSIST® Mercedes-Benz Feature

Most Montgomery drivers appreciate any assistance they can get to stay safe while driving. After all, no one wants to fall asleep behind the wheel. These Mercedes-Benz models come with the ATTENTION ASSIST® feature:

Explore Vehicles With the ATTENTION ASSIST® Mercedes-Benz Feature at Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati

We have cars in stock right now with this amazing safety feature. Why not drop in and take one for a test drive? It’s simple to buy or lease a vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati. You can even apply for financing online. Our dealership is just a short drive away from Sharonville, but you can also browse our entire inventory from the comfort of your own home! So, contact us today!

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