What is the Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package?

driver assistance

Drivers around Montgomery who are looking for the latest in safety technology will be impressed by the Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package. This exciting feature comes as a standard or as an available option, depending on which Mercedes-Benz vehicle and trim you choose, such as the CLA Class, C-Class, S-Class. Depending on the trim level you choose, you could receive the driving assistance plus packages such as DISTRONIC® and Lane Keeping Assist Package. So, what is a driver-assist package and the driving assistance plus package? Learn more with the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati! For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!

DISTRONIC PLUS® with Steering Assist

The DISTRONIC PLUS® with Steering Assist is the cruise control system powered by radar that changes your speed based on the traffic conditions ahead. This active driving assistant system can either increase speed or brake if traffic slows or stops ahead. When traffic begins moving, all you have to do is tap the infotainment screen, and the system will move the vehicle forward. Working alongside DISTRONIC PLUS®, Steering Assist keeps you in your lane at all times.

Blind Spot Assist or Active Blind Spot Assist

Once you exceed 20 mph, Blind Spot Assist will activate and use radar to detect vehicles in your blind spot. When someone’s in your blind spot, a light on the mirror will illuminate red. Another impressive feature is the Active Blind Spot Assist, which audibly alerts you if you activate the turn signal while someone is occupying the lane next to you. It will then guide you back into your lane, avoiding any type of collision.

Lane Keeping Assist or Active Lane Keeping Assist

Similar to Blind Spot Assist, Mercedes-Benz Lane Keeping Assist is an active driving assistant that helps you avoid drifting out of your lane by monitoring road markers. When you start to drift out of your lane, the Mercedes-Benz Lane Keeping Assist will send a vibration through the steering wheel to alert you. It will also apply the brakes on certain wheels to keep you in your lane.


The PRESAFE® system includes a couple of additional features within it, such as the PRESAFE® PLUS® from Mercedes-Benz, and the PRESAFE® Brake with Pedestrian Recognition. Let’s check out how this driver assistance package works:

  • PRESAFE® PLUS®: The PRESAFE® PLUS® Mercedes-Benz feature using sensors on the rear bumper that identifies a potential rear-end collision. If a collision is detected, the PRESAFE® system applies the brakes, avoiding any impact.
  • PRESAFE® Brake with Pedestrian Recognition: When traveling under 35 mph, the PRESAFE® Brake with Pedestrian Recognition will apply the brakes if it detects pedestrians ahead.

Learn More About These Driver Assistance Packages with Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati!

So, now that you know more about the driver assistance package, stop by Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati in Cincinnati to see these features for yourself! Check out our new vehicle inventory near Blue Ash, and meet with our finance department to start the buying process! Before long, you’ll be driving your new Mercedes-Benz home to Sharonville!

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