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How to Remove Corrosion from a Car Battery

Car battery corrosion on the terminal

If you’ve inspected your vehicle’s battery and were surprised to see corrosion on it, the service experts at Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati near Blue Ash are here to help. In our guide, we’ll tell you how to clean a car battery with corrosion and what causes the car battery corrosion to help prevent it in the future. Don’t hesitate to give our service team a call if you have any questions along the way.

What Does Corrosion Look Like?

If you’ve never inspected a battery before, you may not know what corrosion looks like. One sign to know this may be an issue is if you’ve noticed weaker power, a low voltage code displayed on the dash, or trouble starting your vehicle. If these symptoms pop up, follow the steps below to do a visual check for corrosion:

  • When your vehicle is fully cool and hasn’t been used for at least 30 minutes, pop the hood and inspect the battery terminals and metal. 
  • If the terminal is caked in white (or a combination of green/blue/teal), powdery material, you’re dealing with corrosion. 
  • While inspecting the battery, be on the lookout for any rust on the metal parts of your cables and terminals. 

What Causes Car Battery Corrosion?

Time is the main cause. Your battery is constantly cooling and heating as you’re traveling around the Sharonville and Montgomery areas, releasing hydrogen gases through ventilation. If these gases are let-off over time, they will mix with the surrounding material and create a substance at the connection point. That substance is corrosion, and it occurs at the terminal.

How to Clean Car Battery Corrosion

There are two main ways to remove corrosion from a car battery. Either use solutions purchased at your local auto parts stores that are made specifically for car batteries, or you can create your own solution using household products. No matter which route you choose, it’s essential to put on goggles, gloves, and a respirator when dealing with the solution or creating your own. Always stay protected while working around battery acid, electric currents, and rust.

Use a professional battery cleaner. You can acquire a battery cleaning solution or other electrical contact cleaning spray from a local automotive store. Spray liberally on the affected surface of the battery, then brush with a wire brush until all of the corrosion is gone.

DIY battery cleaning solution. Remove the connectors from the terminal, then pour baking soda on the corrosion to neutralize the acids. Then, add some water to cause a reaction. Dry it using a paper towel, then brush the affected area with a scrub sponge.

Once the corrosion is gone, prevent future corrosion by using a rust inhibitor spray, Then, after removing the corrosion from your car’s battery terminals, you can prevent future corrosion with a rust inhibitor spray, a spray battery protector, or an anti-corrosion gel.

Get Additional Service Tips in Cincinnati with Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati!

Now that you know what causes car battery corrosion and how to clean car battery corrosion, learn even more service tips from the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati. We’ll show you when to put on winter tires, how often to change the air filter, and how to rotate tires. You can expect only the highest quality of service as we ensure that your vehicle is safe for the Indian Hill roads. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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