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Love your smart, and it will love you back.

Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati is now a smart service-only dealership. Our dealership will no longer be providing new smart inventory, however, we will still service all smart vehicles. If you are interested in purchasing a smart vehicle, visit our sister store, smart Center Louisville, and browse through their available inventory. Arrangements can be made for transport.

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Newer and smarter

Newer and smarter.

Bring your smart vehicle in for routine maintenance to ensure it lasts on and off the road. We’ll perform a complete check on your vehicle to make sure it performs today, tomorrow and in years to come.

Older and lovable.

A smart vehicle will perform for years if you give it the attention it deserves. We’ll take care of your smart by greasing the hinges and locks, and checking all of the elements that keep your vehicle running smoothly. We’ll even replace anything from brake fluid—to engine coolant—to spark plugs.

Spacious where it matters most.

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