How to Reset the ESP® Light on a Mercedes-Benz

ABS light. Car dashboard in closeup

It can happen to anyone, you’re driving in Blue Ash in difficult road conditions and a light comes on on your Mercedes-Benz dashboard that says “ESP®,” or Electronic Stability Program. When your car needs to be stabilized while cornering, oversteering, understeering, or slipping, this program activates by using several sensors. When activated, the ESP® light comes on. Learn more about how the ESP® lights in Mercedes-Benz work, and how to reset them from the Mercedes-Benz service experts at Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati. 

How does the ESP® Light Work? 

The way the ESP® works in your Mercedes-Benz is fairly easy to understand. Essentially the ESP® works by using ABS sensors to monitor the rotation speed of each wheel. When a particular wheel rotates at a faster speed compared to the other wheels, this means that there can be a problem. The wheel could be slipping, or there could be another issue. The ESP® then applies the brakes to the wheel that is spinning more quickly to slow it, stabilizing the car while you drive around Montgomery. 

What does the ESP® Light Indicate?

Your ESP® light can signal several different conditions. It normally means your ESP® is engaged, but there are some special conditions that we’ve listed below: 

Your ESP® Light is Flashing:

  • This means that your ESP® system is engaged and stabilizing your vehicle. You may notice this when driving on snow or ice or if you get stuck in the mud while off-roading near Sharonville. The ESP® system can do a lot to stabilize you, but it has its limits. When it flashes, drive carefully.

Your ESP® Light Stays on all the Time:

  • Your ESP® has been turned off. There is an “ESP® off” button on your Mercedes-Benz dashboard that has been pushed. This light needs to get reset.
  • There is some other malfunction. If you tried to reset your ESP® light, but the light didn’t turn off, your vehicle may be having some other malfunction. Schedule service with us and our technicians can troubleshoot it for you. 

How to Reset the ESP® Light

If your ESP® light stays on all the time because the ESP® system has been turned off, it’s easy to reset the ESP® system and turn the light off. Follow the steps below, and the light should be reset: 

  • Find the ESP® button
  • Press it and hold it down for five seconds
  • This will reset the light

If the light still won’t turn off, there may be some other malfunction that your car is alerting you to. Take your Mercedes-Benz to our service center, and we will happily help you. 

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We hope that our guide to the ESP® light Mercedes-Benz system helped you find out what you needed. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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