Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Celebrates the Fine Arts

May 3rd, 2022 by

The fine arts are an extremely beneficial part of a child’s education, one that more often than not gets overlooked. The fine arts give kids a creative outlet that has a myriad of real world benefits as well! At Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati, we believe that exposing students to art education is very important, which is why we are proud to be sponsors of the 24th annual ArtBeat by the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. Every year, the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy holds their day-long festival of arts, ArtBeat, which celebrates the creativity of students across their entire campus. More than 2,300 people attend to enjoy performances by students from all 4 campuses. The performances include 1,000 pieces of student artwork on display, the High School art competition, and a hands-on arts and crafts activity.

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 2022 ArtBeat Art Festival

All sponsor funds support the fine arts department of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and help them ensure that their students receive the best quality education possible. This includes supporting programming, equipment, instruments, supplies, and professional development for the faculty and staff. The fine arts department offers opportunities for all students PK2-12, and 84% of students end up participating in at least one facet of the program.

We are very proud to be sponsors of this year’s ArtBeat and support the furthering of fine arts education in K-12 schools. If you would like to learn more about the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and mark your calendar for next year’s ArtBeat, you can find them here!